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Founder and business

Fjordcamp history
Josefa Monsen, 1912-1993

Josefa Monsen, founder of Rognan Fjordcamp,
was a person full of energy, desire for work and creativity.
Praktical and always helpful to her family, friends and
guests at the campsite.

In the early 1960s, she started renting rooms
in the house and got the first cabin in place. The former
farm was adapted for camping and chalet rental.

Her behavior and attitude service orientated attitude
created the homely atmosphere that is also even today
the most important part of Fjordcampen. The business
soon got a high reputation. As it became known more
overnight guests found their way to Rognan Fjordcamp and
the space continued to grow.

Hanna Monsen

n 1986, at the age of 74, she handed over the operation
of the campsite of her youngest daughter Hanna.
Josefa continued to be active in some parts of the operation
until she died in the fall of 1993, 81 years old. She is
still remembered fondly and missed by the regular guests
that come year after year.

Hanna continued in Josepha's spirit, warmly
welcoming in the homely atmosphere. a new
service building came into place in 1986 and cabins
with shower,WC and TV with higher standards of comfort.

Hanna got her first son, Edvard in 1991 and Henrik her
second son was born 19-93.  "Villa Sjøtun "added in 1998,
as part of Rognan Fjordcamp.This is a house of 240m2
which is used for groups and conferences and courses.

The homely atmosphere at Rognan
Fjordcamp continues to attract people from many
various countries. Hanna speaks good English, German,
Spanish and of course Swedish and Danish is often
spoken. Hanna, along with her man Frank, continues
to offer a warm and homely atmosphere in
accordance with the tradition.
This is perhaps why so many visitors keep
returning to Fjordcamp.

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